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Silver Lane Tours

Silver Lane Tours

Sintra / Cascais / Estoril

• Hidden between pine covered hills emerges the magnificent town of Sintra (UNESCO), filled with luxurious mansions, ruins and an old castle. The place’s natural and cultural beauty makes Sintra a mandatory touristic destination;
• Visit Pena Palace (UNESCO), Moors Castle, Sintra Palace and Quinta da Regaleira, national architectonic treasures;
• Enjoy the splendid coastline views from Roca Cape, Continental Europe’s most western point, until Estoril, passing through Boca do Inferno and the Museum Lighthouse of Cascais.


• Visit Portugal’s capital and all its charms. Know its secrets, histories and wonders, streets and commerce. Fall in love with the city that delighted Europeans for centuries;
• Explore all the city’s history and that of the Portuguese Empire, having Belém, downtown Lisbon and the Saint Jorge Castle as a background;
• Taste the Pastéis de Belém (traditional custard tarts), visit the countless viewpoints over the city and the river, experience Lisbon as a true local.


• Explore the historical city center (UNESCO), where countless buildings from different cultures merge to create a spectacular town and a sense of time travelling. With its walls, the Roman Temple, its churches, the Bones Chapel, the Silver Water Aqueduct, Évora is trully unmissable;
• In an even more remote past, visit a megalithic monument from 3.000 a.C., the Cromeleque dos Almendres;
• Visit the regional products places of production, like the cork factory, the pottery shop of São Pedro do Corval e a Adega Cartuxa.

Cacela Velha, Castro Marim & Vila Real de Sto António

• Explore the old fisherman’s village of Cacela Velha, a still “unspoilt” village full of history and beautiful beachfront landscapes. In every street you will see proof of the region’s Arab and Berber heritage;
• Visit Castro Marim, its fort and Castle and learn all about its very rich history, most of it surrounded by quarrels with Spain;
• Vila Real de Santo António, a very recent city, it was built only in 1776, following the same architectural design as in downtown Lisbon, offers the most wonderful river and beach views.

Fátima, Batalha & Tomar

• Fátima is a city in Center Portugal, destination for thousands of catholic pilgrims every year;
• Visit the Chapel of the Appearance, on the exact spot where Virgen Mary appeared to the “Three Shepherds”, and the entire complex of the Fátima Sanctuary;
• Batalha monastery, built after the portuguese victory over the spanish in the Batalha de Aljubarrota (1385) to thank Virgen Mary for the win, as promised by King John I;
• The delightful Christ Convent (UNESCO) will be the final stop. A set of buildings of numerous styles, reflect the various usages the complex had over the years.

Lagos & Sagres Tour

• Come and visit Lagos, an important coastal city, known to have had the first Slaver’s Market in Portugal e for being from this city that D. Henrique planned the Portuguese’s Discoveries. Visit its fort, beaches and streets filled with commerce, bars and restaurants.
• Sagres is a small village in the West of the Algarve, filled with history and important landmarks. A visit to the fort and the lighthouse is a must, for it is an entire complex surrounded by cliffs, the ocean, with Cape Saint Vincent and a staggering view as a background.
• Visit the wonderful beaches that surround Cape Saint Vincent, each of them with its own identity. You will visit Praia da Salema, famous for its dinosaur’s footprints and the lovely beach at Burgau.

Silves & Monchique Tour

• Discover the ancient arab capital of the Algarve, Silves. Its Moorish Castle is one of the most well-preserved castles of that time in Portugal and its gothic cathedral the most important gothic monument of the Algarve;
• Enjoy the stunning views over the highest peak in the Algarve, Alto da Fóia;
• Visit the town of Monchique embedded between mountains and the forest. There you will find handicraft commerce and souvenirs of this gem in the Algarvian interior.

Gibraltar, Ronda & Córdoba

• Enjoy the beautiful Iberian southern coast and visit the English territory of Gibraltar, a place of wonder filled with beaches and natural beauty, such as the Gibraltar rock and wild monkeys;
• After the beach, time to head to the mountains, to the beautiful village of Ronda. Set in a vertiginous cliff, Ronda is filled with historical buildings and breath-taking landscapes;
• Time to visit the Romans and the Arabs in the last stop of the journey, in Cordoba. Occupied by both these civilizations, the signs of their presence are all over town, with numerous temples, mosques, churches, palaces, museums and a natural beauty of an Andalusian city.